testudio empowers TMN’s telecommunication services validation solution

written on 2008-06-20

Telbit’s expertise and knowhow in Software Testing was reaffirmed by gaining the contract to develop a validation solution for a telecommunication services platform

testudio is currently in production use for the majority of the tests made on PT Inovação products. After this deployment, testudio gains more relevance by being chosen to be the Testing Engine of a solution that permits the creation of automatic validation processes for a telecommunication services platform. Telbit has been challenged to create a solution that permits a high level user, to interact, test and validate the services provided by PT Inovação NGIN (telecommunication services platform). Automatic validation of telecommunication services is now possible, thanks to Telbit testudio Testing Engine, integrated in a tool that exposes a web interface abstracting a high level user from the complexity of the underlying systems regarding telecommunications services. For further information please read Validator Case Study.