The Information Technologies world changes everyday, evolve, become severely competitive day by day.

Therefore, to win and become successfully is important to work with a winning team in a winning company and, in a winning project.

This is the way we live and breathe. This kind of commitment and passion at work grants us the trust of our team, customers and partners.

Company Culture

People are the company's lifeblood, the engine that drives it through its existence.

We consider everyone equally important, like a human's being pulsing heart, valuing and supporting the person's contribution as well the opportunity to learn and evolve as a professional and as individual.

Along the years we have cultivated and transmitted to the newcomers a culture of innovation, rigor and hard work that made us grow and evolve as a solid and successfully company.

Having fundamental values like innovation, work, rigor and responsibility we're always looking for people that can add that little something that can make things great.

Apply now!

If you are a self-motivated person, passionate for new technologies, who wants to pursue new challenges, you're in the ideal space. We work to be one step ahead of the competition, pursuing optimal results and striving for excellence. If you feel you have the right spirit, apply to Telbit.