About us

Telbit is a Portuguese SME founded in 1998. Headquartered in Aveiro, the company had its initial roots developing custom software solutions and also providing services to other software companies.

Ever since its foundation, Telbit has been very keen regarding the excellence of their products. This vision, end up leading the organization to an internal culture of eagerness to be always in synch with the current best practices and methodologies, regarding the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Throughout its history, the organization became even more aware of the challenges faced by its customers and partners, to deliver their products meeting market’s – always increasing – quality expectations.

Given its field knowledge, the close relationship with its customers/partners, and also, the perception of their – so very similar – concerns about the quality of their processes and products, Telbit gradually started to be asked to provide them, its own expertise and software tools – along the way nurtured and matured by internal use on a daily basis – decreasing the gap between the Quality Assurance (QA) processes intrinsic overhead and their undeniable benefits.

In response to this market demand, Telbit is making a strong bet on research and development and continuous improvement of software tools, specially purposed to support software development QA related activities.

We’re glad that this gradual shift turned out to be the current Telbit’s strategy so, this way Telbit’s target market is nowadays, software development organizations specially concerned about the excellence of their software products. These organizations make the continuous improvement of their development processes one of their top priorities. As far as we can see, this is actually a global and steady trend on the IT sector. This strategy shift synthesizes our crew main appetence and aspirations, and embodies our goal to become as a national reference in SQA industry and broaden this recognition to other geographical markets.


Our Mission is to provide innovative software applications and engineering solutions, developed according to industry best practices, to help our partners and clients to improve competitiveness, efficiency and the quality of their organizations.


Our Goal is to build up as a national reference in the software quality assurance industry and broaden this recognition to other geographical markets.


Our Vision is to become an internationally recognized software and technology company, as an example of innovation and excellence in the development of software and engineering solutions that surpass the expectations of our partners and customers.

We are built of :

  • creativity and liability;
  • commitment and achievement;
  • knowledge and innovation;
  • passion for technology and eager for challenging demands;
  • and a strong commitment to completion of goals through continuous excel of expectations.