TeStudio is a system whose main purpose is to lighten the tasks related to software quality assurance (SQA) in the software development activity.

TeStudio designers are thrived in continuously developing a system that follows and gathers the best practices being adopted worldwide, related to software quality assurance activities, without forcing the adoption of any SDLC methodology or pre-built process. TeStudio creates key information flow paths, which enables symbiotic relations between stakeholders, developers, testers and SQA roles.

TeStudio’s mission is to provide software development groups the ability of delivering quality software products without the hassle of making them aware of a painful and heavy SQA process.

TeStudio modules

  • TeStudio Requirement Manager (TSRM)
  • TeStudio Automation Lab (TSAL)
  • TeStudio Defect Manager (TSDM)
  • TeStudio Data Analytics (TSDA)

TeStudio is focused on continuous Quality Improvement!


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