Some of the major advantages that today's organizations can expect to obtain through sourcing include the ability to purchase intellectual capital, to focus on core competencies, to better anticipate future costs and to lower costs.

Overall sourcing is viewed by many organizations as a strong business tactic that ultimately is a superior economical approach to developing products and services. Highly skilled, experienced IT professionals are the ideal workforce for new and ambitious projects; on the other hand, these are very well paid individuals, making it very difficult for a single company to take advantage of their full potential, all the time.

Sourcing is the ideal way to get highly skilled professionals for specific periods of time, with controlled costs. Increasingly strict labor regulations tend to lower the flexibility in workforce management, increasing costs. With appropriate sourcing strategies, companies can increase their labor flexibility and tackle new projects without concerns about long term labor commitments.

With very distinct academic backgrounds and professional experiences, our sourcing professionals are geared up to endeavor any technological or business challenge. All things considered, the sourcing option brings flexibility to your organization, simplifies human-resources management, lowers operational costs and puts at your disposal the best professionals in the market.


Hiring professionals for short term projects, besides expensive is frequently inefficient because they are not readily available and frequently lack formation. Sourcing is the ideal solution; our professionals have strong academic backgrounds, rich professional experiences and strive on new challenges. Besides, software development is our core business, so we can offer a very high quality service at an affordable price.



Business critical systems have very demanding performance and availability requirements. These requirements impose around the clock staff availability and very fast response times, leading to high Operations & Management (O&M) costs. Our O&M teams comply with even the most demanding Service Level Agreements (SLA), regarding performance, availability, response times, recovery and failover. On the other hand, O&M teams have very irregular work patterns, ranging from huge work loads to almost idle, making them difficult to manage and expensive to maintain. Our O&M teams guarantee a very cost efficient solution based on carefully balanced work forces.



Before any critical system can be accepted and go into production, it has to be thoroughly tested. This kind of intensive, repetitive testing requires experienced professionals and specific tools to guarantee system requirements' compliance and effectiveness at low costs. Over the years, our sourcing professionals have gathered a vast experience with our customers, performing all tasks from test planning, test definition, execution, evaluation and reporting.