Centaur is a state of the art FMS, specially designed for Telecommunication operators that require fast integration of their current and new coming services and platforms with the FMS, for optimal service coverage in a natural and efficient way.

Centaur is truly unique due to the combination of three factors:

  • Best-of-breed FMS that provides a holistic risk management approach
  • Premium support where dedicated teams are always available to help you, providing high standard and fast services
  • Low-cost commercial proposition that is tailored to your real needs - assured either in the installation or support phases. No hidden-costs with us!



  • Covers all fraud types: subscription, technical, dealer and internal.

Technical Fraud (by CDR or log file analysis):

  • Call Velocity and Call Collision
  • Denial Of Service (DOS) Attacks
  • SPAM - Unsolicited Bulk Messaging/Calling
  • Traffic Pattern Deviations and Trend Analysis by virtually any traffic source or field;
  • Intelligent Network (IN) Anomalies (e.g. negative balances)

Internal Fraud

  • HLR abuse
  • IT systems abuse (e.g. grant special credits or access confidential information)
  • Dealer Fraud


  • Detection process that can use and correlate virtually any source of data with any other data sources;
  • User definable detection processes using a simple built-in wizard
  • Artificial intelligence detection using signatures, fingerprinting and profiling


  • All relevant data sources;
  • Near real-time call processing;
  • Built-in rating engine;

Analysis and management

  • Revolutionary user interface;
  • Prioritization mechanism for focusing analyst's attention on more critical alerts;
  • Support of Email and SMS alarm forwarding based on user defined rules;
  • Wide range of graphics for easy analysis;
  • Built-in Case Manager;
  • Risk based credit control.