Case Study Validator

The NGIN® Validator tool allows automatic verification and testing of service functionalities supported in the NGIN® platform - using simulation or real calls - and audits and certifies changes introduced in tariffs before their effective deployment. This enables error detection of configuration characteristics of services, clients or rates, prior to commercial deployment of these same functionalities.


The tool provides a web interface for the creation and management of test scenarios, and for verification and comparison of obtained results. Scenarios are processed through the TeStudio test engine. Interaction with a network for real calls is obtained through the ArQos platform.



testudio is a Telbit management and test automation tool. It is used, in this scope, as a testing engine of NGIN® Validator, also assuming the role of mediator of all data exchanged between different systems, and of orchestrating elementary tasks that comprise testing.

After submitting testudio test scenarios, the NGIN® Validator benefits from a vast set of functionalities supported by this test engine, which include:
• Multiple execution of the same test with results record for each test version;
• Automatic validation of intermediate test steps;
• Priority management between test steps;
• Parallel processing of test steps;
• Test set execution;
• Execution of the same test in different framework/equipment.

testudio contributes to a perfect symbiosis in the integration of all systems that comprise the NGIN® Validator solution.


Project Highlights

Telbit presents itself in this Project not only as a technological partner, but also as the provider of the test engine that potentiates a vast set of testing functionalities over the PT Inovação telecommunications services platform. The heterogeneous nature of the systems involved in Telbit’s test engine and all the modules of a telecommunication services platform, makes the integration and interoperability between this systems a technological challenge. The abstraction layer created above the complexity of this platform is definitely a project highlight. With Validator it’s possible to create and execute test scenarios in a few mouse clicks, which completely abstracts the complexity of the operations triggered in the underlying platforms. A simple call test can create a long transaction that involves up to 5 databases of different nature.

Technologies / Keywords


Glassfish, Java, J2EE, Spring Framework, XML, XSL, C#.NET

Oracle SQL, Oracle PL/SQL PostgreSQL